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Behaviour Issues / Home Assessment

Are you having any issues with your dog?

A number of issues owners experience actually fall under the banner of ‘behaviour issues’.

Things like; pulling on the lead, poor recall and separation anxiety are good examples of this.

Behaviour issues doesn’t just mean being aggressive.

Of course we can apply training techniques to the examples given above, but before doing this I always recommend an initial assessment from your home.

This is a great place to start, we can view the dog and how they behave in their domain and also see how they are set up in the home environment.

As often is the case, it is a result of how your dog lives day to day which can start to impose what we call dominance.

But fear not, small changes can be made around the home which will give you back control and help get the behaviour you want.

Add to this a course of training and you should see results happening from as little as a few weeks. And as long as you stick to the plan these results will be permanent.

Our aim is to move you on from the frustration of your dog not doing what you would like them to.

Get in touch to arrange a visit and start the process to a happier life for both you as owners and for your beloved pet.

Please find more information and pricing below.

Initial assessment prices

A standard assessment is £40.00*

An initial assessment gives us the chance to discuss any issues you are experiencing, but also gives me the opportunity to observe the dog’s behaviour in the home.

I can also see how the dog is set up in their home environment; where they sleep, how they are fed, and other situations that we will go through on the day, can have an effect on behaviour.

As part of the visit we will discuss changes you can implement around the house to help adjust the behaviour and take back control.

We will also put together a plan going forward with some training which will be tailored to you and your dog’s needs, if you so desire.

A premium assessment is £50.00*

As above but with a behaviour guide included for continued reference and follow up contact to discuss how things are going and to offer more advice if required.

* A fuel contribution charge may apply if more than 2 miles outside of Cirencester.

** Bank Holiday rates differ to the prices above.

Booking an initial assessment

Please get in touch to book an assessment by using the ‘Contact Us’ form.

We can then book an appointment and you can pay by Paypal, bank transfer or cash on the day.