YES! Dog Behaviour Training is based in Gloucestershire, close to the borders of both Oxfordshire and Wiltshire.

We are happy to train any dog breed, at any age and to provide a variety of solutions depending on your needs.

Offering dog behaviour solutions with guidance on getting the best out of your dog now and for the future. We also provide training packages for general obedience and puppy specific training, plus advice on natural feeding products and accessories to aid with the training.

Our approach is to give you the owner the tools and confidence to take control and build a happy relationship with your dog.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements or to book an appointment now.

We use positive methods designed to solve problems long term.

COVID Update

All services running with extra precautions where necessary.


Simon Johnson

Member of the Guild of Dog Trainers (GoDT) & accredited by CFBA Behaviourist and Master Dog Trainer Keith Fallon. 

Simon has been training dogs professionally for a number of years now, and after assisting and shadowing Keith in his early days of training, Simon is now on course to become a Master Dog Trainer himself. 

He and Keith still work closely together and draw from each other’s experiences to provide the best possible training solutions and to advise successfully on a wide variety of behaviour issues.

Simon has received much positive feedback and continually succeeds in helping dog owners where other methods have failed.

He has also been seen on BBC Breakfast.


Helping You Help Your Dog

We can highly recommend Simon at YES! Dog Behaviour Training.  He helped us so much with calming and training our new rescue dog, who was hyper, anxious and quite a handful.  Simon first came to our house and gave us tips as to how to handle our dog barking at visitors.  This worked almost straight away.  Simon is patient and understanding and his training has had a very positive effect on her.  He’s a natural with animals and our dog loves him. 

He has really helped our dog a lot with her confidence in general with people and other dogs.  Thanks so much Simon!

Marj Bull

Stow on the Wold

Behaviour Training

Finding solutions to your dog’s behaviour problems by getting to the root cause of issue.

Common problems include:

Nervousness – Separation anxiety
Barking – Excitement Issues
Biting or nipping – Growling or snarling
Reactive or anti-social behaviour
Following around the house
Guarding – Stealing
Attention seeking – Dominance

Start to solve your behaviour problems in one session.

The initial part of the training happens during a home visit*
and, in most cases, you will see instant results.
You will be given a plan to take you forwards and I am on hand for further advice should you need it.

Book a home visit today.

During the visit we will do the following:
Assess your dog’s behaviour in their home environment.
Demonstrate any relevant techniques and get you to follow these steps yourself to give you confidence in continuing the process.
Delve into the dog’s routine and diet to see if there are any changes that we can make to help for a happier environment all round.
Create a customised training plan for you to follow before having a follow up* chat to discuss progress.

Also included:
A behaviour modification guide for reference
Potential class session* after the 2-weeks initial training plan is completed to test the training in our training field with other dogs.
Ongoing support so you can get in touch should you need any further support going forward*.

Please get in touch should you wish to discuss anything further.

*Prices quoted for a 10-mile radius of Cirencester with appointments Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 4pm.
For further distances or alternative times please contact us for a quotation providing your postcode and availability.
A typical home visit lasts approximately 3 hours.
Follow up is by phone or email.
Please get in touch for on-going support.

Puppy Training Classes

The perfect start to your dog’s training. Getting your puppy well trained can help establish a rewarding relationship.
It is also crucial for their safety.

For dogs 12 weeks to 6 months old we will work on the foundations of training:
Sit – Lie Down – Walking on the lead – Jumping up – recall
Stay & wait commands – Basic whistle training (if applicable)
Plus advice on technique, communication, ‘treating’ and more!

And for after the puppy stage we look to solidify some of the foundation training in the Advanced Puppy Class.

For dogs 6 months old and up we will work on things like the following:
Distraction recall – Pulling on the lead – Jumping up – Leave it
Advanced stay & wait commands – Whistle training (if applicable) – Retrieving games
Plus advice on technique, communication, attention seeking and more!

Class location; Opposite Denfurlong Campsite, Fields Road, Chedworth GL54 4NQ

Please visit https://www.cotswoldpetservices.co.uk/puppy-training-socialisation-classes
Or enquire via email

Obedience Training

For dogs of all ages and stages.

This package includes 4x one-to-one training sessions where we will work on any issues you are facing.

Typical training will work on problems like:

Pulling on the lead

Poor recall



Over excitement

Leave it
(for picking up rubbish or eating things you don’t want them to!)

Plus more!

We can also cover advanced work on:

Stay / Wait

Retrieving games
(with a ball or dummy)

Whistle training

Training will be in an outdoor environment.

I can come to you for the sessions, or we can use our dog training field.

Note; if you are seeing any issues at home, or reactive behaviour out on walks, then you will need the Behaviour Training package in the first instance.

Please get in touch should you wish to discuss anything further.

*Prices quoted for a 10-mile radius of Cirencester with appointments Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 4pm.

For further distances or alternative times please contact us for a quotation providing your postcode and availability.

A typical training session lasts approximately 1 hour.

Call now

If you wish to discuss your dogs’ behaviour issues prior to having a home visit, then please call me.

07842 025 361


You can also book a home assessment of your dog’s issues prior to any training or behaviour solutions

Please call me or fill out the ‘contact us’ form to book an assessment

Should you then book the Behaviour Training package to solve the issues this will be discounted.

*Prices quoted for a 10-mile radius of Cirencester with appointments Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 4pm.
For further distances or alternative times please contact us for a quotation providing your postcode and availability.
A typical home assessment lasts approximately 1 hour.

Questions and Answers

What type of training will you need?

Here are some examples to help point you in the right direction

“My dog barks a lot at home and outside and can be aggressive towards other dogs on a walk”

This comes under Behaviour Solutions, which is where we will view the behaviours in question and demonstrate how to react in the first instance. We will then implement rules and boundaries at home that should start to change the unwanted behaviour for good.

“We have just got a puppy and would like some advice on how best to set up around the house and how to deal with over excitement and separation issues. We would also like to start some basic training – can you help?”

The Puppy Package is the one for you. You’ll get all the advice you need and we’ll do some one-to-one training to give you the tools to train your dog and build a happy relationship with them.

“What package would be best for a generally well-behaved dog who walks nicely on the lead, but once released ignores all commands and won’t come back, especially if there’s another dog?”​

The package for you is Obedience Training which consists of one-to-one training sessions in the environment where you are facing the issues and will work specifically on the problems at hand.

“Our dog is quite obedient but is very nervous out on a walk and also has separation issues at home – what training can help with this?”

The Behaviour Solutions package is the best training for nervousness and separation issues. We will lay the foundations at home to send positive messages, look into what may be contributing to the nervous behaviour and work on a solution together to build confidence going forward.

“We did puppy training and now our puppy is coming up to a year old they are no longer responding to commands, and on top of that, they are over-excited around other dogs. What do we do?”​

This is quite typical behaviour when a dog reaches the stage of adolescence. The puppy training appears to have gone out of the window. But fear not, the training principles should still be there we just need to work on refreshing these commands during this difficult phase. We will do this with the Obedience Training package.

Still unsure?

If you have a mixture of the behaviours above, or you are not sure which kind of training will best suit your needs, then please get in touch and we can come up with a plan for you.


Please get in touch so we can start to discuss how to help with any dog issues you may be experiencing.​

Bookings and enquiries:
07842 025 361